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At Green Innovations, we supply and install windows and doors in people’s homes. However, we don’t supply traditional windows and doors. Instead, we install high-quality and ultra-energy-efficient uPVC windows and doors in Lower North Island.

What is uPVC, why is it used to make windows and doors, and what makes it better than other materials on the market, including materials more commonly found in NZ homes?

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a type of strong and durable plastic that is used to make double-glazed window and door frames. It is popular throughout Europe, including in locations that get very cold weather as well as weather extremes.

Why Choose uPVC Double Glazing for your Home?

The big question is why you should choose uPVC double glazing for your home, not least because there are other double-glazing window and door options available.

There are seven main reasons why uPVC is the ideal choice for your windows and doors, whether you are upgrading your existing home or installing for the first time in a new build.


1. Energy Efficiency

We get variations in weather in Lower North Island, making double glazing a popular choice, but why uPVC? uPVC is a highly efficient and effective insulator, so it will play a significant role in keeping your home warm, cosy, and moisture-free in the winter and cool in the summer. The amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home will decrease as a result, reducing your energy bills.

2. Good for the Environment

As you will be using less energy throughout the year to heat and cool your home, you will have a smaller carbon footprint. uPVC production has a 50% less impact on global warming and the environment overall compared to Aluminium.

3. Range of Styles to Choose From

You can choose from a range of window styles, whether you want windows similar to how your current windows operate or you want something different. You can also get uPVC windows and doors in a range of colours and finishes.

4. Weather Resistant

uPVC doesn’t rust, rot, or erode, so it can withstand the weather we get here in the Wellington area/region. It won’t warp, expand, shrink, or fade either. uPVC is also durable, with a life expectancy that exceeds 30 years.


5. Easy to Maintain

You won’t ever need to paint, stain, or treat your new uPVC windows or doors. In fact, the only maintenance they require is cleaning with soapy water whenever there is dust or dirt accumulation.

6. Soundproof

The combination of uPVC and double-glazing will minimise the amount of outside noise that gets into your home by up to 35+Db.

7. Attractive

uPVC windows and doors also look clean, modern, attractive, and they suit a range of house designs and styles.

Ensuring Your Home is Warm, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient

The uPVC windows and doors we supply will make a significant improvement to the warmth and comfort of your home.

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High Quality uPVC Double Glazed Window Options in Wellington

At Green Innovations, we specialise in the supply and installation of uPVC double glazed windows and doors. You’ll get the highest quality products at affordable prices, with quality installation workmanship guaranteed.

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